A New Kind of Alabama Law Firm

I am pleased to announce the opening of a new kind of Alabama law firm, Summer G. Walker, PC. This firm was established with the goal of providing residents of Alabama with a means to obtain the legal assistance they need, in a manner they can easily access, without being forced to spend thousands of dollars on legal fees. This is made possible by offering flat-rate, fixed fee legal services to clients statewide through a virtual online platform, which allows me to keep overhead costs to a minimum and pass those savings on to clients.

For seven years prior to opening this firm, I was a Managing Attorney for Legal Services Alabama in their statewide hotline network. During that time, I not only had the rewarding opportunity to assist numerous clients with various legal issues, but I also had the difficult task of witnessing the vast access to justice gap that exists in Alabama for those individuals who have too much income to qualify for free legal services, but nowhere near enough income to hire most private attorneys to assist them with their legal needs due to their expensive fees. However, the fact is that many of these individuals do not need the “full service” representation that comes along with the high fees charged by many attorneys. Many times, clients simply need assistance with drafting an answer to a lawsuit that has been filed against them or with drafting other types of legal documents that do not require an attorney to provide ongoing representation or assistance, which is the basis for most “full service” attorneys’ fee structures. For many, the only affordable option may be to try and draft legal documents themselves or use a form generating website like LegalZoom that generates identical forms for everyone and offers zero access to an actual, licensed Alabama attorney.

Based on my experience, I decided to establish Summer G. Walker, PC to try and fill this access to justice gap by offering residents in every Alabama county affordable, competent legal services that are provided by a licensed Alabama attorney in a way that makes the client’s individual needs and resources the most important consideration. I understand the numerous challenges Alabama families face, including the financial and time constraints. My goal is to provide clients with a means to obtain the specific legal services they need, in a way they can access it and then get on with their lives without being forced to spend thousands of dollars on legal fees.

I provide legal assistance to residents of Alabama for matters such as uncontested divorce, child custody and visitation, child support, paternity, delegation of parental power, wills, living wills, and name changes. If you need legal assistance with any of these issues or have questions about other services I may provide, do not hesitate to register with my firm through the client portal on my website or send me an email – swalker@alfamilylawyer.com