Under Alabama law, a child born during a marriage is presumed to be the husband's child. However, many times the husband is not the biological father or the parents were never married. The process of establishing a child’s legal father is called Legitimation. It is important that a child’s legal father is established, because a legal father has certain rights and duties that include caring for the child physically, emotionally and financially. Once legitimized, a child has inheritance rights, as well as the right to receive any other benefits a child may qualify for, such as Social Security and Veteran’s benefits. In addition, once paternity is legally established, a mother can request child support from the father and the father can request the court grant him custody or visitation rights.

Are you the mother of a child who wants a court to decide your child’s legal father? Are you a husband who suspects you are not the father of your wife’s child? Are you a man who wants to be recognized as your child’s legal father so you can have the same rights as any other parent? If you are facing an issue with paternity or legitimation, let us help you take the first steps to getting an answer. We assist mothers, as well as fathers and alleged fathers, with paternity issues.

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